Tom Baker

Tom BakerTom Baker, a preeminent scholar in insurance law, explores insurance, risk, and responsibility using methods and perspectives drawn from economics, sociology, psychology, and history. He is author of The Medical Malpractice Myth (Chicago, 2005), in which he attacks misperceptions behind the tort reform movement and proposes an evidence-based approach to medical liability reform. Baker’s work on moral hazard has been described as “profound.” In his 1996 paper, On the Genealogy of Moral Hazard (Texas Law Review) Baker explores the shortcomings of moral hazard as a neutral, technical basis for reforming tort law, workers’ compensation, health insurance, and social welfare programs. His latest book, Ensuring Corporate Misconduct (Chicago 2010), coauthored with Sean Griffith, examines relationships among directors’ and officers’ liability insurance, corporate governance, and securities litigation.

His current research seeks to use insights from behavioral economics to improve financial services regulation. He is the Reporter for the American Law Institute’s Principles of Liability Insurance Project and is active in the Law and Society Association.

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