Here's how it works:

• Host a Hot Coffee Pay-It-Forward House Party to spread the word to your friends, family, neighbors, and/or co-workers.
• After your screening, give your DVD to one of your guests, who will host another House Party, and pass the DVD on to one of their guests, and so on.
• We want to hear all about your showing. Tell us your story on the Hot Coffee Tumblr* blog. Here are some ideas on what to post:

  1. How many people attended your House Party?
  2. What was the reaction to Hot Coffee from your guests?
  3. Was yours the 1st or 5th or 15th Pay It Forward House Party?
  4. Who did you pass the video on to?
  5. Got any pictures? Post them!
  6. You can even upload a video of your discussion.
  7. Tell your guests to share their stories too.

How to use Tumblr....Tumblr is a really simple blogging site, sort of a cross between Facebook and Twitter. You can write a Text Post, Share a Link, or Upload a Picture or Video. The only thing is you have to do each as a separate post. Here's how:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Tell us Your House Party Stories in the Sidebar (right hand side)
  3. Choose from the drop down menu: Text, Photo, Quote, Link, Video.
  4. Write, share, upload.
  5. We'll read your submission and post it!

We have learned that change happens at the local level, one person at a time. We each have the ability to make change if we take action. We've seen evidence of the grassroots at work this year with businesses and organizations leaving ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Counci) in droves, and with Occupy Wall Street demonstrations in every town and city. Let's make Hot Coffee part of that conversation, and together let's take our rights back. Let your representatives on the state and national level know that we are aware of these issues. That we will not stand for threats to our civil justice system in the guise of caps on damages, medical malpractice restrictions, hidden mandatory arbitration rules, or any laws that restrict our access to the courts be it in Texas, Ohio, Michigan, Alabama, Minnesota or all across the U.S. The Civil Justice system is your right; don't let anyone take it away from you.


House Party Tips:

Hot Coffee is available on DVD, NETFLIX, and on iTunes and other digital platforms: iTunes, Amazon, Playstation, and Xbox, and we want you to invite your friends, family, and colleagues over to watch it together. Here are some tips for hosting a great screening.

1. Invite your guests via email, phone or listserv. Tweet about it (include @hotcoffeemovie and hashtags like #hotcoffeemovie, #houseparty, #payitforward), create a Facebook Event—and share it on our Facebook wall. Use a site like Evite or MyPunchbowl for invitations and RSVPs. Send your guests the link to the Hot Coffee trailer or teaser.

2. The better the snacks, the better the party! Make sure you have food and drinks for your guests. Or make it a potluck! Even better, why not serve pastry tortes or some tortellini, and of course coffee drinks (preferably iced)?

3. Take a few minutes as the host to welcome your guests and thank them for coming. And have everyone introduce themselves to each other. You can set the tone by briefly telling everyone why you decided to show the DVD and how the issues raised in Hot Coffee are important to you.

3. Before the film starts, introduce the movie. Ask everyone if they've ever heard of the McDonald's coffee case? Ask them if they've ever heard of a "tort" or "tort reform." Then hand out slips of paper and pens or pencils and have everyone write down what they think they know.

4. After the screening, hold a 30 minute group discussion. See below for a few sample questions. Have people share what they wrote down, and if their perceptions have been changed, and by how much?

5. Visit our website at to Download our What You Can Do page and hand it out to your guests. Ask them to check out our Take Action page for more ways to help spread the word about Hot Coffee, sign up for Action Alerts and our newsletter. Encourage everyone to "like" our Facebook Page, follow us on Twitter and Tumblr.

6. And don’t forget to let everyone know they can buy a DVD  for themselves or someone else: It makes a great gift Visit our Website at and click on DVD  or order a DVD directly at

7. Tell us all about it on the Hot Coffee Tumblr Blog at Click on Tell us Your House Party Stories in the Sidebar (right hand side)

8. The next day, send a thank you to your guests with all our links. And then please, thank yourself from us!


Talking Points.

After the credits roll, turn up the lights, grab a drink and get the conversation going. Here are 4 questions to start you off:

1. If you'd heard of the McDonald's coffee case before viewing Hot Coffee, did watching the film change your mind about what you thought?

2. Did you learn anything new about torts or "tort reform"? What about "caps" on damages? How many mandatory arbitration clauses do you think you've agreed to in the last year?

3. What can you do to protect our civil justice system and change the misconceptions so many people have today?

4. What actions are you going to take about this issue right away? SUGGESTIONS: Write your representatives in Congress and in your state legislatures. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. There is pending federal legislation called the Arbitration Fairness Act, and many states are moving to pass restrictive caps every day. Your voice will make a difference.

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